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‘Nisoft’s professionalism and dedication throughout the phased implementation of eclipse into ScottishPower’s 10 generating sites was exemplary. Their support team responds to support calls efficiently and effectively with a resolution provided quickly - essential to ensure continuation of our 24/7 business.'

  • Lorna McFarlane
  • Senior Business Analyst
  • ScottishPower
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DEx provides real time and two-way transfer of data between an EAM/CMMS systems


eclipse is implemented across the globe and in several industry sectors. It allows users to improve the management of safety practices, and increase both staff productivity and equipment availability. Documents such as Permit to Work, Clearances, Isolation Certificates, Confined Space, Hot Work, COSHH and others can all operate within one integrated system, making the whole process highly efficient and transparent. 

eclipse also allows you to retain knowledge gained on previous work, produce templates and control their application. Additional modules can be added to the eclipse system to ensure it is optimized for your environment.

Permit to Work

The Permit to Work management module allows permits, with their safety rules, to be embedded in an electronic solution. This enables efficient management at every stage of permit authorisation. This module also allows safety compliance to be built in and managed.

Lock Out/Tag Out

Configure eclipse to match your Lock Out, Tag Out and Permit to Work procedures. Enable automatic printing of tags, tracking of lock outs/isolations and create an entirely transparent process.

Risk and Other Assessment

Risk Assessment/Job Safety Analysis allows interaction between Permit to Work, other safety documents, work orders and risk assessments. Risk Assessments can be tailored to contain a risk matrix, intelligent lists and risk scores alleviating some of the calculation and effort of a manual system.

All Safety Document Types

With eclipse all your safety document types including Permit to Work, Clearances, Isolation Certificates and Limited Access, are stored together allowing quick and transparent creation of work packs.

Standard Document Templates

eclipse allows production of standard templates including Standard Isolations, Outage Documents, Standard Permits and Job Safety Analysis, allowing quick access and management of their application.


For Operations and Maintenance, this module allows clear and powerful visibility of activity across your site.  From historical safety data to current activity, the reporting functions allow you to generate a variety of onscreen and printed reports.

Personnel/Skills Register

eclipse allows users to manage and view the current skill-set and level of authority of contractors before work starts. Robust security ensures solely users with the correct authorizations can perform certain tasks.

Shutdown/Outage Management

NiSoft's Shutdown/Outage management module allows you to pre-plan the isolations, tags, locks and documents required. Reusing this information will reduce preparation time and effort.