Company Day – Belfast

1 July 2022

Finally, getting together again!

After a couple of years of separation, we finally managed to get everyone in Belfast together again for a company event. It was a great day, seeing everyone back together under one roof in NiSoft House. Ever since we went into a ‘lockdown mode’ over two years ago, all our teams have slotted straight into working remotely and meeting online. We managed to deliver our projects globally in over 27 countries during this time from our offices, living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and wherever else we could conduct a Teams meeting as part of project delivery and development.

A huge ‘Well Done‘ to everyone in keeping projects going, development moving forward, and ensuring quality, fully tested products were delivered to our valued customers over this period.

Our NiSoft day together in Belfast involved a number of items. We heard from each department on progress updates as well as plans for the future. We had awards for long service for Ren, Kylie, Pol, Linda, and others. Not to mention the famous NiSoft Fantasy Football awards that were unable to be presented in person before now.

Lastly, we had some fun planned in the shape of a ‘Whodunnit’ style adventure across the city center in Belfast. Dubiously our CEO Doug’s team managed to win the event by a mere thirty seconds over the nearest rival. Congratulations to all that took part, looking forward to putting something together again soon in our other offices in Singapore, Denver, and Australia.

Check out some great photos from the day below;

Author of this Article

Andy McIvor

Regional VP sales