Digitise Operations and Safety processes and documentation with the Eclipse Suite

Explore how each module contributes to operational excellence initiatives.

Mobility and Connectivity as Standard

Desktop & Mobile App

Built with mobility in mind, the Eclipse Suite offers functionality that can be represented in numerous ways to display the appropriate information in the most effective format for the user level.

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EAM / CMMS Integration

The Eclipse Suite integrate with various Computer Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) systems including SAP, Maximo, Oracle, Infor, Ellipse and other major systems.

EAM / CMMS Integration



Scalable software that has the flexibility to work in a large multisite environments as well as small single site operations.


The Eclipse Suite is designed with engineering and safety professionals in mind. Our intuitive UI allows your employees to leverage a powerful safety tool that complimnents, not complicates, your process.


Our EAM / CMMS Integration engine ensures the Eclipse Suite works in concert with globally recognised EAM systems such as SAP, Maximo, Oracle, Ellipse, Infor and many more.


Reach your workforce easily with the Eclipse Suite's powerful toolset deployed in a browser. No requirements for 3rd party application distribution or costs to deploy


Our dedicated team will ensure your configuration is maintained and supported whilst we continue to enhance the global feature set of the core application.


Create powerful digital safety solutions for your workforce, increasing employee engagement with important processes and procedures efficiently whilst ensuring the highest levels of compliance.

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