Plan and manage the entire LOTO process digitally with NiSoft’s eLOTO software

eLOTO, the NiSoft Digital Lockout-Tagout module, is an integral part of the Eclipse Operations Management suite, that automates the full life cycle of the Lockout-Tagout process based on customers’ rules and regulations, from preparation, approval and isolation to removal and full equipment restoration.

eLOTO, the fully integrated module, acts as a shared tool between operations, planners and maintenance personnel to track, manage, execute and communicate lockout-tagout activities.

Flexible support of site-specific LOTO procedures minimizes the need to change

Share and report using digital LOTO records

Use stand-alone or as a key component of NiSoft’s Operations Management Suite

Maximize productivity with mobile features

Use of approved standards drives consistency, compliance and reduces errors

Thousands use Eclipse at hundreds of sites worldwide