Log and manage and communicate critical plant data using NiSoft’s eLOG software

With production teams striving toward operational excellence, the adoption of digital logbooks is becoming an integral part of the operational landscape. Digital logbooks provide a well-structured record keeping and an efficient communication method, which are keys to any organization’s success.

eLOG, the NiSoft Digital Logbook, is an integral part of the Eclipse Digital Operations Management suite that automates both the critical data entry process as well as the Shift handover/turnover process. eLOG, the heart of any plant communication system, acts as a central repository for all operational information, providing visibility to “one version of the truth”.

Good communication is a key to success for any organization

One Version of the Truth

Central repository for all plant process information

Heart of the communication system

Get accurate information at the right time and place to make better decisions

Mobile Platform increases accuracy