Software that enables operators to perform Rounds and Inspections with ease

An increased emphasis on Asset Performance Management (APM) demands that companies efficiently gather data. Even the most advanced facilities often require Operations and Maintenance personnel to manually collect that information. Digital Rounds and Inspections provides an easy-to-use and effective solution.

eR&I, the NiSoft Digital Rounds and Inspection module, is an essential part of the Eclipse Digital Operations Management suite that automates both the gathering and capturing of critical operational data and facilitates its analysis. eR&I is a fully functional system that can integrate with APM and data historian software. It acts as a repository for all operational data recorded during regularly performed rounds and inspections.

Highly configurable, easy-to-use data collection system

Central repository for all collected critical plant operational data

Complementary solution to existing SCADA or DCS instrumentation system

Wide range of data collection options (image, video and sound)

Evaluate data point collection conditions and calculations

Connected or disconnected solution to facilitate manual data collection