Benefits of Using a Digital Logbook

8 March 2024

A computerised eLOG system offers many benefits to an organisation looking to increase compliance, enhance visibility and efficiency in the Operations Logging and Shift Handover areas of Operations Management. Simon Toward, VP Global Business Development at NiSoft, recently authored a paper on tackling the main benefits of a Digital...


Software for Sustainable Operations

30 November 2023

Recently Simon Toward presented to the Philippines Coal Plant User Group in Manilla on the topic of software designed to support sustainable operations. During the talk Simon outlined some of the key factors relating to operations in Power Plants, Oil Refineries and other Large Manufacturing businesses and how these...


eclipseSUITE – Transforming Operations Management

10 November 2023

If you’ve ever wondered how NiSoft’s eclipseSUITE can help your complex industrial operation work more efficiently and effectively, take a look at the video below for an overview. You’ll see how NiSoft can support enhancing operations through better visibility, compliance, communication, and engagement around your safety management and operational...


Energia Flexible Generation – NiSoft Video Testimonial

10 September 2023

We recently visited our client, Energia, at their Huntstown Power Station in Dublin, Ireland. Find out what their project team had to say about working with NiSoft and the benefits the eclipseSUITE brings to their operations.


Scott Wasilowski – Welcome to NiSoft

7 September 2023

Scott joins NiSoft as the new VP of Sales for the Americas Scott joined NiSoft in July 2023 with twenty-five years of experience in technology sales. Having served in the US Military, Scott decided to pursue a career in hardware technology sales. His high-level security clearance within the United...


Paul Webb – Welcome to NiSoft

7 August 2023

Paul joins NiSoft as Consultancy Services Manager. Paul joined NiSoft in July 2023 after forty years in and around the power generation business. He has an in-depth knowledge of operations and maintenance management systems, operational process, procedures and safety. Paul started his career with the North of Scotland Hydro...


HSI Magazine – Automation in Safety

7 February 2023

Recently NiSoft’s VP of Sales and Marketing in Europe, Andy McIvor, published an article in the Health and Safety International magazine to highlight the discussion around automation playing a bigger role in decisions around safety processes. With the rise of AI, Automation, and Algorithms in our daily personal and...


Employee Profile – Kevin Mizzi

28 September 2022

NiSoft’s presence in the Asia Pacific region has been enhanced recently with the addition of Kevin Mizzi as a Regional Sales Manager based out of Manila. Kevin has 40 years of experience in engineering purchasing and sales roles, from engineering buyer for a leading brewery in England, to capital...


Making Work Flow

6 September 2022

If your daily tasks involve any kind of discussion or modeling around business processes, you are very likely to use the word ‘workflow’ on a regular basis.  At NiSoft, we regularly hold sessions with customers where we try to ascertain how something is done, what documentation and people are...


Enhancing Your Operations with eclipseSuite

8 July 2022

Bringing existing procedures and documentation to life In the typical operations and production environment, there exists a multitude of systems that keep everyone informed with the data that they need to effectively discharge their duties. Alarms sound, values update, reminders pop up and screens flash with the up-to-date information...