HSI Magazine – Automation in Safety

7 February 2023

Recently NiSoft’s VP of Sales and Marketing in Europe, Andy McIvor, published an article in the Health and Safety International magazine to highlight the discussion around automation playing a bigger role in decisions around safety processes. With the rise of AI, Automation, and Algorithms in our daily personal and...


Employee Profile – Kevin Mizzi

28 September 2022

NiSoft’s presence in the Asia Pacific region has been enhanced recently with the addition of Kevin Mizzi as a Regional Sales Manager based out of Manila. Kevin has 40 years of experience in engineering purchasing and sales roles, from engineering buyer for a leading brewery in England, to capital...


Making Work Flow

6 September 2022

If your daily tasks involve any kind of discussion or modeling around business processes, you are very likely to use the word ‘workflow’ on a regular basis.  At NiSoft, we regularly hold sessions with customers where we try to ascertain how something is done, what documentation and people are...


Enhancing Your Operations with eclipseSuite

8 July 2022

Bringing existing procedures and documentation to life In the typical operations and production environment, there exists a multitude of systems that keep everyone informed with the data that they need to effectively discharge their duties. Alarms sound, values update, reminders pop up and screens flash with the up-to-date information...


Company Day – Belfast

1 July 2022

Finally, getting together again! After a couple of years of separation, we finally managed to get everyone in Belfast together again for a company event. It was a great day, seeing everyone back together under one roof in NiSoft House. Ever since we went into a ‘lockdown mode’ over...


Employee Profile – Odhran McCool

5 June 2022

Northern Ireland has earned a reputation over the past decade as a rich pool of talent for Software Engineering and general IT resources. Many multinational companies have invested in premises in Belfast in particular giving access to graduate Software Engineers, Multimedia Specialists, seasoned Business Analysts, and many more disciplines...


The Dawn of Digitalisation

7 April 2022

Recent HSME article authored by Patrick Gex (VP Product NiSoft) on how software is changing to meet the needs of the digital workforce. Whether you currently have deployed a digital solution as part of your EHS (Environmental, Health and Safety) landscape or you are just beginning your journey of...


We change – So you don’t have to!

6 April 2022

Leverage what you already have invested in – your people, programs, and procedures Let us start with a premise that most facilities, through company policies and industry guidelines, laws, and regulations, have built site-specific programs, practices, and procedures to support their daily operations and safety processes.  To be clear,...


Leigh Knox – 25 Years with NiSoft!

10 March 2022

Recently Leigh Knox marked 25 years of service with NiSoft in a presentation with management team colleagues and Doug Deardorf, CEO at NiSoft House in Belfast. Leigh has faithfully served in various roles at NiSoft for over 25 years including Software Engineer, Research and Development Team Leader, Software Engineering...


One-Stop Shop or Integrated Best of Breed?

14 February 2022

Trying to navigate the decision-making process for procuring new digital tools and solutions for the organization can be fraught with difficulty and complexity.  There are so many features and functions, integrations, platforms, and companies all seemingly offering the best solutions on the market, it can be tricky to whittle...