Digitise Risk Assessment libraries and improve communication of risks and mitigation

There is an increasing need across industry to track and manage risk assessments in a compliant, visible and efficient way, moving away from paper or spreadsheets. Leveraging digital and mobile technologies can enable teams to transform the way risk assessments are managed and how they interface with the overall safe work practice.

eRISK, the NiSoft Digital Risk Assessment module, enables safety, maintenance and operations personnel to better enforce compliance, reduce ambiguity and error, whilst enhancing communication and efficiency in the risk assessment workflow. eRISK, the fully integrated module, acts as a shared tool with work order, permit, lockout-tagout, method statement and other critical safety documents to enable organizations to mitigate risk.

Fully flexible, easy to use Risk Assessment solution to minimize change

Central library of all Risk Assessments and historical documentation

Supports compliance with company procedures driven by government regulation

Approved relational lists of risks, hazards, mitigations and PPE

Improve company risk assessment proficiency, via digital review and approval

Assess, record and approve hazards at job site with mobile technology