eMoC – Managing Change Electronically

In the day-to-day running of an operations and maintenance organization, changes to plant, isolations, configurations, and other equipment need to be tracked and reported accurately to ensure compliance with company change management procedures.

eMoC offers organizations the ability to computerize a company-specific change management workflow to move from spreadsheet and paper-based solutions to an electronic set of change management documents and procedures.

In eclipseSuite, NiSoft has developed a powerful suite of operations and safety support modules such as ePTW, eLOTO, and eRISK which help with safety compliance, efficiency, and visilbity.  eMoC enhances this solution further to offer organizations the ability to monitor, manage and report on change in real-time with workflow and approval management that ensures compliance with company guidelines and procedures.

Change management documentation in an electronic solution

Fully configurable workflow

Report changes as they are approved and actioned

Approval process ensures compliance with decision hierarchy

Fully searchable and visible audit history

Integration with 3rd Party reporting and corporate systems