EAM / CMMS Integration Software

All Eclipse Suite modules integrate as standard with various Computer Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) systems including SAP, Maximo, Oracle, Infor, Ellipse and other major systems. Eclipse will also integrate with any third party business applications such as Human Resources, eLearning or Time Recording, badge scanning systems.

Realtime Data Transfer

All Eclipse Suite modules provide near-realtime transfer of data with your EAM/CMMS System using web services, csv, and XML files to transfer information. Communication with the 3rd Party applications is handled via plug-ins which implement the Eclipse Integration API. This API opens Eclipse to 3rd Party developers and allows changes in requirements to be handled by the customer, if preferred. Multiple plug-ins can be installed which can run side by side allowing multiple different systems to be integrated.

Multiple Data Types

Data that can be imported/exported through the Eclipse Suite includes Notifications, Requests, Work Orders, Documents, Equipment and Personnel details. Data is transferred in jobs and jobs are queued within Eclipse using persistence storage that ensures data is received in the correct order even if or when one end of the communication is down. With the Eclipse Suite expanding into new product areas, many other data types have been interface through our API to provide fully integrated management of processes.


EAM / CMMS Integration