NiSoft day out in “The Jungle”

30 September 2019

In July 2019, the newly formed Belfast Social committee organised their first event for the company. And what better than to challenge physical and mental abilities with a trip to The JungleNI.

The Crystal Challenge required team participation, collaboration, communication, leadership and ultimately problem solving skills to accomplish the end game of collecting crystals. Teams competed against each other in a series of 16 unknown challenges, which tested everyone’s abilities. One person was nominated to complete the challenge, only aware of the challenge type and not knowing what lay ahead. At the end everyone returned to the hut in anticipation of which team had come out on top. A Captain’s Challenge to decide the winner! Two teams tied at the top and their respective leaders had to take on one last challenge to decide the ultimate winner. Lewis Bodel of Team “Deadwood” and Jim Graham of Team “And the winner is” battled it out on the rodeo bull. The tie-breaker competition was close but Lewis remained on the bull ½ second longer and Deadwood took the trophy.

Thanks to the Social Committee for this day out. With new team members having joined NiSoft, it was a great way to get everyone together.

Author of this Article

Eric Peavy